Mar 20, 2018

Karl Marx and his web of deceitful lies

The totalitarian nutcase Karl Marx created an ideology that is woven together as a complex fabric of lies. In fact it makes one think of a spiderweb. Many people get caught by this ideology.

Though the old spider has died, and certain spiders (other nutcases) have woven new parts of the web, such as the cultural Marxists of the Frankfürter Schule, the whole web of lies is still there, intact fully.

Some manage to escape out of it, like David Horowitz. But most fools who bought the Arbeiter Justice story, get stuck in it for the rest of their life. Once they got stuck in the "intellectual" madness of it.

The way to avoid falling into traps as the one mentioned above; do not live the little life of a small insect. Be smart, don't read books such as Das Kapital or Mein Kampf or the Koran.

Kate Upton & the Fashion Industry

Will you please read this article twice? Before you start off as a professional model? Or will you discard my tough warning.

The Fashion Industry is a place where money makes people nuts. Young and innocent models turn into greedy mannequins, with empty lives.

Few models escape from it. Only after counsel with a psychoanalyst, they discover the materialism that rules their fashion world.

Kate Upton is a pretty young model, who has become world famous, mostly for her looks. Though she has quite a few of other skills than posing for a camera, modern society is not so interested in them. The magazines don't really want to interview her, but they want her to sit still in front of the camera, if possible with as few clothes on as possible.

It's amazing this charming lady found the way to success in the modern fashion industry. Why? Because she doesn't fit the stereotypical demands by the big players in the sick world of fashion. First of all, she is a believer, who tattooed a cross on her hand, so even if the photographer demands that she pulls her necklace off, she still has some bond with her religion.

Models who want to be successful, usually only are if they are tall and skinny. A large bosom, which many men find attractive, is abhorred by the fashion industry bosses: too feminine for them.

Kate Upton is not a cocaine user, something one can see by just looking at her healthy spirit. That could also be a hindrance to her in a world where the white powder is enjoyed in large quantities.

My friend Pamela Geller

There are few women on Earth as strong as Pamela Geller from New York.

She has a blog named The Geller Report, which is a platform to oppose the influence of Islam on The West.

Pamela Geller also gives speeches, during which she tirelessly defends American Freedom. She is the living Statue of Liberty, also to be found in the Big Apple.

She takes a stand against an evil force in the world, and this comes with danger to her life.

We all know what happened in Texas, when she organized a 'draw Muhammad contest', and she managed to survive an attempt on her life.

Pamela Geller is always worth following. Go to The Geller Report, read it and be inspired to make a fist yourself against people who want to throw stones at you.

"I don't care if people worship stones. As long as they don't throw them at me". -Pamela Geller

Mar 19, 2018

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

If you are involved in defending Israel against slander in the media or by politicians, then one will have to think thoroughly about the following question: when is an attack on Israel crossing the borders of anti-Semitism. To get straight to my conclusion on this issue: attacks on Israel are in my view anti-Semitic when Israel is being demonized. That can be done with a single article or by a complete series of articles that are not very outspoken one for one, but in the end lead the readers to believe that the Jewish State is intrinsically evil.

The Jewish State is a democratic country and the actions of the government are sanctioned by a majority of the people. If the government crosses a law it has passed itself, judges will take action to stop it. Thus, if one claims that portraying the Israeli government as evil, is not an attack on the majority of the Jewish inhabitants, this is a false claim. The government acts in matters of war and security with backing of the majority of the Jewish people that live in that land. Also, the other part of the country, that disagrees with the tough defense-politics of the Israeli leaders, still backs those leaders, by not resisting violently.

The support of the Jewish people in Israel that the Israeli leaders have for their tough policies is also the support of a very substantial part of Jews world-wide; therefor, once again, it's a false claim to suggest that an attack or accusation of grieve human rights-violation by 'evil' Israeli leaders is NOT an attack on Jewish people in general.

How does demonization, whether you call it anti-Zionism or anti-Semitism work in general in the media? When there is an incident in Israel or in neighboring areas and Israel is involved, the media immediately give credibility to the Arab version of events. They do this by citing Arab sources that make insinuations or outright accusations that the incident occurred because of the evil inside the heart of the Israeli soldiers or politicians. They refrain from pointing out to their readers that perhaps the incident was caused by accident, or that Arab propaganda is in play. 

There is also a lot of anti-Zionism in the world by people who claim that Jews are behind all sorts of world-events, such as the attacks of September 11, 2001. Also in these matters, it's not so much the idea that Jewish people are very powerful in the world that make the claims anti-Semitic, but it's the demonization-part, the part that claims that Jews are not just powerful, but have evil intentions with non-Jews.

Today, most anti-Semitism, the creation of an idea that Israel is ruled by 'evil' monsters, is mostly found among the Left in the Western World. The cause of this is in my opinion quite simple: the Left hates the idea that people who are decent and righteous defend themselves against an attacker. There are many other elements to it, such as anti-nationalism, in some circles also the idea that Jesus was killed by the Jews, but the most important factor in my opinion is: pacifism.

There are currently immense changes occurring in the Arab world. We should keep this in mind, when we point fingers to Arab leaders, accusing them of anti-Semitism. For example; Saudi-Arabia is moving towards friendship with Israel, and that can only mean one thing: a big blow to Arab anti-Semitism.

In the past, a lot of anti-Semitic propaganda had been printed in the Arab world. This material is of course still around, and it will take time to get rid of it all. 

Koan Wisdom

A 50 year-old master olive oil maker once inquired with me about Eastern Philosophy. The fact that I had been practicing martial arts a lot had made him a bit curious. Then, I gave him a Koan, which is a difficult question, that one can meditate on, in order to get enlightened, the Asian Way. The Koan I gave him was: what is the sound of a one hand clapping? He thought about it for hours and asked me what it is. He understood the sound of two hands clapping, but just one?! To enlighten him, I smacked him on his cheek, with one hand. I had to laugh, he was confused.

The exhausted and very young Pigeon

One day I heard something fall onto my balcony floor. I took a look and saw a young, exhausted pigeon. Another pigeon came to sit on the railing of the balcony.

The young pigeon was unable to fly anymore, it needed help.

I picked it up and saw that it was unclean. So I washed it carefully inside my house, and then fed it water and little crumbs of bread, that I had chewed upon first.

Then I put the young bird back on the balcony where I found it. The parent pigeon soon came to sit on the railing again. After a short time, they both flew away.

Weeks later I saw the young pigeon and its mother pigeon sitting on the railing of my balcony again, as if they wanted to tell me: "Hey, we are both o.k. now".

Mar 18, 2018

High Quality Olive Oil

1. The Olive Garden must be on Mediterranean ground. For there must be a lot of sunlight and a lot of calcium in the ground as well.

2. The producers of the oil (the olive trees) may never be sprayed with pesticides. We want Nature's finest, not oil from manipulation.

3. The olives must be picked gently, in order not to harm the olive tree.

4. The olives harvested must be processed immediately!

5. The olives must be grinded with large and round stone wheels made of granite.

6. The olive puree, derived from the grinding process, must be pressed in a hydraulic press. This must be done slowly, in order to avoid heat.

7. The olive oil will be bottled in a way that no sun rays can make the oil rancid. Store the bottle in a cool place, outside the refrigerator.

8. Always close the bottles after use, in order to preserve the freshness.

That's all folks. If you truly wanna master the Art of Making fine quality olive oil, you should know, that this art is being passed on from generations of Mastri Oleari.